Canned Kimchi in Popular Culture: Media, Trends, and Influence


Kimchi, a traditional Korean dish, has long been a staple in Korean households. However, its reach has extended far beyond the borders of Korea, gaining popularity worldwide. Canned kimchi, in particular, has made its mark not just in kitchens but also in popular culture. This blog delves into how canned kimchi is represented in media and its growing influence in popular culture, highlighting its journey from a traditional food to a global phenomenon.

Canned Kimchi in Movies and TV Shows

Representation in Korean Dramas

Korean dramas (K-dramas) have played a significant role in popularizing kimchi globally. Scenes depicting family meals often showcase canned kimchi as a common side dish, emphasizing its importance in Korean cuisine. These visual representations have introduced international audiences to the concept and appeal of kimchi.

Hollywood and Beyond

Canned kimchi has also made appearances in Western movies and TV shows. Its presence in popular media helps to normalize and integrate kimchi into global food culture. Whether it's a character enjoying kimchi with a meal or a storyline centered around Korean food, these appearances boost its recognition and acceptance.

Social Media Influence

Instagram and TikTok Trends

Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have become powerful tools for spreading food trends. Influencers and food bloggers frequently showcase canned kimchi in recipes, mukbangs (eating broadcasts), and food challenges. The visual and interactive nature of these platforms helps to create buzz and attract new fans.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content plays a crucial role in popularizing canned kimchi. Everyday consumers share their experiences and recipes, adding authenticity and relatability to the product. Hashtags like #KimchiLovers and #KimchiRecipes help build a community of enthusiasts who share their love for this flavorful dish.

Celebrity Endorsements and Influencers

Celebrity Chefs

Renowned chefs have contributed to the growing popularity of canned kimchi by incorporating it into their menus and cooking shows. Their endorsement adds a level of credibility and intrigue, encouraging viewers to try kimchi for themselves.

K-Pop Stars

K-Pop stars and other Korean celebrities often share their love for kimchi, including canned varieties, in interviews and social media posts. Their massive fanbases are quick to adopt and spread these food preferences, further cementing kimchi's place in popular culture.

Canned Kimchi in Culinary Trends

Fusion Cuisine

The versatility of canned kimchi has made it a popular ingredient in fusion cuisine. Chefs around the world experiment with kimchi in unconventional dishes, such as kimchi tacos, kimchi pizza, and kimchi burgers. These creative culinary trends introduce kimchi to new audiences and expand its culinary applications.

Health and Wellness Movement

As more people become health-conscious, the probiotic benefits of kimchi have attracted attention. Canned kimchi is often featured in articles and blogs about gut health and fermented foods, aligning it with the wellness movement and making it a trendy health food.

Online Communities and Forums

Discussion Forums

Online communities such as Reddit have numerous threads dedicated to kimchi, including canned varieties. Users share tips, recipes, and reviews, fostering a sense of community and spreading knowledge about kimchi.

Cooking Groups

Cooking groups on Facebook and other platforms often feature canned kimchi in discussions and posts. These groups provide a space for both novice and experienced cooks to explore kimchi recipes and share their culinary successes.


Canned kimchi has transcended its traditional roots to become a beloved food in popular culture. From its appearances in media and social media trends to endorsements by celebrities and chefs, canned kimchi continues to gain popularity worldwide. Picky Wicky celebrates this cultural phenomenon and invites you to join the kimchi craze by exploring our range of delicious canned kimchi products.


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