Hello! from pickywicky®

Our Ethos on Food

“Food” has always been the best medium for sharing “culture.”

And this “culture” can be as simple as your mom’s old recipe passed on since your great great great grandparents, or as big as one nation’s traditional food that represents their rich history and collective value.

Sharing “food” means introducing a new culture; a truly unique experience for each and every person. For some, it would be a familiar everyday dish, but for others it's a whole new culinary experience. (Just like how Kimchi means different things to different people)

Hey Everyone,
This is Alin from Picky Wicky =)
Glad to meet you!

As I sit on my computer, 2:30 AM, finalizing the launch of our product, I want to pause for a minute to finally introduce who we are. It's been 5 years since my best friend, Kate, and I came up with this awesome idea of introducing fancy, delicious, canned kimchi to the world and we have been working non-stop to make it happen. Who knew this day of reckoning would finally come.

My first unforgettable kimchi experience came from abroad in the middle of Europe. My journey took me to fashion week in Milan, where I searched across the city for kimchi so that I can introduce it to the world’s top celebrities and models. In the end, it was totally worth it when we were able to witness their incredible reaction and joy to trying Korean food for the first time. They absolutely loved it! Furthermore, we were able to release their real live reactions on YouTube which was then seen by millions of people from across the globe.

We may not know each other’s local languages, but language and location should never be a barrier stopping us from trying kimchi or local Korean cuisine! Koreans loves kimchi and food this delicious should be shared with everyone! Everywhere! This is how Picky Wicky was finally born. Try it! I know you will love it! I guarantee you will enjoy our special kimchi on your first try. Now then…what are you waiting for! Just open and enjoy!

With Love,